Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Anthrax me another

Anthrax is a metal band for whom I auditioned back in 1982 or 1983.  Sadly, I declined them, a bit arrogantly also, thinking their initial 45 "Soldiers of Metal" too generic.  But don't razz me too hard!  Johnny Zazula thought the same thing.  Luckily, they were amazing in the studio and transformed themselves into the raging heavy metal band they've been for 30 years!  Wow!

Guitarist and founding member Scott Ian
Rosenfeld (he only uses his first and middle name onstage) was born Jewish.  He says he is a non-practicing Jew, but this interview shows more than a little pride in his heritage and genes.   And there's no escaping the "score" -

Co-founding member, Dan Lilker, was also born to a Jewish family.  He left after the first Anthrax album, Fistful of Metal, and went on to join Nuclear Assault and Stormtroopers of Death.  Lilker acknowledges his roots but disengages fully from religion.

Dan Spitz, another Jewish lad, joined Anthrax in 1982 or 1983.  Dan played on the 45 and on the first three albums.  He left in the early 1990's but returned in 2005 for another go-round.  Dan has a very interesting biography, which you can read HERE.  Last heard, Dan was born-again Christian, coming through Messianic Judaism.

And now, "Soldiers of Metal" with Ian/Lilker/Spitz. 

 Here's Anthrax performing the same song live in 1986, with Ian/Spitz:

And just for fun, here's "Indians" (Ian/Spitz/Belladonna/Bello/Benante), studio (abridged) and live:

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